Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Manchester City

There has been a lot of discussion weather Tevez will stay in Manchester City or leave, according to Mancini Tevez has told him that he wants to play for the club. 

"He has a five-year contract and has told us he wants to stay," said Mancini.

There have also been rumours that city are planning to buy Ronaldo from Real Madrid whom bought him from their rivals united for £80 million in 2009, perhaps city will set a new transfer record?


  1. new "come at me, bro" with the top pic? :P

  2. And success kid undernbeath him :) haha

  3. Ronaldo scored 38 goals this season. I don't think Real Madrid would let him go for less than £100 million

  4. Christ £80 million. That puts all North American sports to shame.