Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blackpool and Birmingham relegated

So this seasons Premier league is over and Blackburn, Wigan and Wolves were able to keep their place in PL. Blackpool had a chance to win their final match against PL champions Manchester United which would keep them from getting relegated but after getting ahead 2-1 united came back and won the match 4-2. Tottenham Hotspur are in the Europa League after beating Birmingham 2-1 and finished fifth in the table.

Udinese were able to secure the last Champions League spot in Serie A after a draw against Italian champions Milan.

Also the derby between Rapid and Austria Wien had to be cancelled after supporters stormed the field.


  1. i hope milan takes it all the way

  2. damn i need to get back on top of this

  3. I really need to get into football more. Too bad the US doesn't care about it at all. Sigh.

  4. "after supporters stormed the field."

    lol. :D